Saturday, September 21, 2013


World Gratitude Day is Here

By Jacqueline Grimes

     By anyone's guess, one might have not guessed this was "World Gratitude Day". Set aside to show earnest gratefulness (as the chorus of a popular gospel tune suggests) for what has happened--even not happened--in the days of our lives, we can give pause. And it gave me a perfect opportunity to re-blog. Just as sometimes a computer needs to "re-boot" its settings, I've needed to do the same. Life in 2013 didn't just throw me a curve it threw me into a curve when my precious,elderly mother was hospitalized twice. As primary caregiver, this meant another awakening to increased scrutiny and intense care.

     Life coach Ramon Williamson of sent a message to me that had a post script about this day. He nudged that it's "a great time and topic to blog about!" So here I am: Scouting for readers and professing myself as a writer. And allow me to speak in first person at this time of my re-introduction of my blog, aptly titled "The Sociowl Journal" (love for awareness and owls). I hope you don't mind. I'll be working on this in a manner close to magazine in progress.

     After an invite and acceptance to be included in a major publication that actually bears the title of today's piece, Williamson's prompting gave way to me gathering additional thoughts about this lost expression.  Many people today are hurting and pass their hurt to others, whereby being grateful for everything good seems to be a foreign notion. A work called The Gratitude Book Project 2013 Edition  by Donna Kozik, founder of Kozik Rocha, Inc. and creator of "Write a Book in a Weekend", features my first penning about the topic. Its Amazon debut was December 17, 2012. But I'll only add something new here, just to express my continuous gratitude for life. Reading, writing, and sharing poetry is a favorite pastime, so I offer a poem in closing. Thank you for visiting. Please come again, with friends, and often.

An Attitude of Gratitude
There's an attitude of gratitude
In everything I do,
For all that God has given me
And dreams that have come true.
I'm thankful for the gifts He gives,
Each blessing I have known,
For friends I've met along the way
And strength to carry on.
here's and attitude of gratitude
With every prayer I say,
For something good has come my way
Each and every day.
Through trials and tribulations,
I've felt His presence there,
And I have often found relief
Beneath the wings of prayer.
However bad my circumstance,
 I know things could be worse,
And Christ has been my anchor
When things have been adverse.
I know how truly blessed I am,
And God will bless you, too!
There's an attitude of gratitude
In everything I do!
Clay Harrison

"Blessed be the Lord, who has heard
the sound of my pleading."
Psalm 28:6

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  1. Jackie you have excellent writing skills. You should pursue your dream and make it happen. Do what you love to do and not what others think you should do.