Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Is My Surname?

     During the month of June fatherhood is celebrated everywhere.  But perhaps it is never celebrated by everyone.  True enough, the Holy Bible tells its believers, in one Exodus scripture, to honor thy mother and thy father, that thy days be long upon the earth.  So in today's society, some folks are finding it a difficult thing to do.  They do not know who to call dad nor what their real surname is --or was-- at the time of birth.

     While listening to this poignant subject on June 21, 2011 courtesy of Keepin' It Real radio broadcast by WCHB-AM 1200  (Rev. Dr. Al Sharpton, NY host), a gentleman caller came on the line around 3:25p.m., to keep it real in his answer for the question of  What Does A Father Mean to You?  based on his circumstances.  It was enlightening to hear his story in brief: As a father of four, he indicated how ALIENATION is a form of abuse to a child not cared for or thought of by his/her father.  He referenced his ability to overcame anger and confusion in order to be the kind of father his was not to be.  This father and a gentleman concluded that when women separate men from their children, it's the same as DECAPITATION!  In effect, she decapitates the family, thus taking the head (man of the household) out of it.  In doing so, the structure (family/body of the man) is forever altered.   Their identity becomes compromised.  It was powerful to hear, interpret, and understand that with a woman's heart, mind, and soul.  I wish all people, particularly women who've harmed men this way, could've  heard him.  My relationship with my dad was in tact until his passing in 1970.  But so many fatherless children and adults are in pain because of rifts between the parents.

     Incidentally, June 20, 2011 heralded a similar topic courtesy of The F-Club radio broadcast by WCHB-AM 1200 (Ramona Prater, MI host).  She posed the question What Makes A Man?  The majority of the callers concurred that great men are developed into providers/protectors/parents over time. 

     More compassion and consideration is needed.  Use those traits as a start to show unconditional love, so that your offspring from your once-upon-a-time romance doesn't suffer the consequences.

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  1. Just posting a comment. Great reading. I am going to have to visit your blog more often Jackie!